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Anondo Mela

The next weekend was our last in NZ. The Anondo Mela to which our friend, Mala had invited us to, was in the evening. Gautam and Shiv went to the High Grade Motors in the morning itself for servicing the car. I accompanied them while Ria took rest at home. From there we went to the “Lotus Super Market”, where all kinds of Indian food stuffs and kitchen items were sold. Lots of things were bought and we came home finally for lunch. 

Saturday evening came and we all got ready to visit the Anondo Mela. After searching a bit for the place, we reached the place. It was a delightful place held in a small sized hall. Plenty of stalls displaying various Indian clothes, accessories, jewelry and edibles were there. If Sarojini Naidu had seen this, she would break out into poetry! Eats were there for sale, which showed gastronomic art of India in a miniscule size. Bengalis were there, out to enjoy their native fare. Singers took to stage to present their songs. We were pleasantly surprised to meet Mr. Pallab Banerjee, a very senior alumnus of ISM-Dhanbad, who we had already met a few days back at Mala’s place, who was his daughter. Mala’s brother was the president of their club “Probashi” and he was there with his family.

The rest of the people were all agape, I guess, as they noted our familiarity with the president of the club and his family. They would now realise the connections of Shiv and Ria. This must have been a revelation for them. We found Pallab’s son, the president, along with another gentleman, were our BIT Mesra ex-students. I felt at home to meet people who knew me and my family in this far away country.  We went back home, after spending a good time there.

The next day, Sunday, was our last day in NZ. We went to the ISKCON Temple for darshan and lunch. It was such a peaceful place situated in the lap of nature. Our NZ trip was over, and we were at the airport on Sunday night to go back home to Mumbai.

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